On 7-9th April I’ve attended EGX Rezzed 2016, an expo for Indie Games, a younger brother of EGX – UK biggest Games Expo that features everything recent in the games industry.

There were around 150 games on display in different stages of development, some just very early builds, with just a look and feel to get you excited for the finished product and some games were already finished, available to buy, but an event like this is a brilliant place to showcase your work.

I really wished I could be able to play all of the games, because they overall looked like a brilliant selection, but it was just psychically impossible, even though I was there for the whole 3 days. I usually chat to the developer to find out a bit more details about the game. Sometimes you want to play a specific game, but there’s such a huge line of people to play it, that it’s just better to move on and hope when you come back there will be less people.

I’ve managed to get two interviews with Creative Directors from their games. One for a side scrolling adventure set in an oppressive communist society – Black The Fall, a still in development game by Sand Sailor Studio, based in Romania (it’s live now here). The other one is for Sigma Theory (here), a strategy futurist espionage game in very early development stage, but with a very strong visual identity, from a French studio that brought a very popular Out There game – Mi-Clos Studio.

I’ve divided all of the games I want to feature into 6 categories. They will posted one by one in the next few weeks.

article coming soon

EGX Rezzed was such a fun experience, I’ve met so many incredible people, so devoted to their craft and so passionate for their products! Can’t wait to share my experiences with you!