Where to start with a game like No Man’s Sky?! Maybe with the fact that this game will have a whole galaxy to explore, according to developers that’s around 18 Quintillion planets – in case you didn’t know how much a quintillion is, it has 30 zeros in it!

Planets to Explore

The game is designed by a small group of developers at Hello Games based in Guilford, UK. This whole galaxy is procedurally generated, which means everything is created by a very complicated algorithm that’s generating the different stars, that has their planets with an atmosphere that’s influences the type of terrain, to the weather, and finally to the types of flora and fauna that fills these planets. Every planet has a seed number to assure that if different players visit exactly the same place, it will generate the same results. As an explorer you’ll chart these planets and upload the gathered data to the database, which also means you’ll have a chance to name the animals on planets you discover, I’m sure gamers won’t resist and there will be a lot rude sounding fish.


Looking at these screenshots, can’t help but be awestruck how beautiful this game looks. And that’s a challenge when everything is created by itself.

Trailers & Teasers

Nothing explains the game more than an actual trailer. They are ordered by the time they’ve been released. Starting with an Announcement Trailer back in 2013 and finishing with a relatively recent (Oct 2015) I’ve Seen Things Trailer. Make sure you watch Galaxy Trailer it has a cool bit, showing you the scale (quintillions and things).

The game will be released on PC and PS4 in June 2016, the pre-orders have recently been made available.

I absolutely can’t wait to venture into infinity. But in the meantime, while we wait check out my tribute fan art poster.

Fan Art Tribute Poster